Oh, The Holidays…Surrounded By Loved Ones and Oh Yeah – The Weird Ones You Sometimes Simply Marvel At

Many, many years ago, I had the wonderfully rare and pretty much quite unexpected pleasure of being with one Mr. Tony Pierce on Thanksgiving Day. We were here in IV, and we were all on our own in a quiet town by the beach that everyone had deserted. Families in other places were too far away to get to…in my case, my family had already let me know I wasn’t welcome home.

Anyway, Tony n’ me woke up early Thanksgiving Day stoked to be here in IV together, and we did have a feast in the works!


Suddenly, Tony was soon overcome by horrible, horrible pains. Curled up like a crushed up monkey, and so so hurting! Neither one of us knew what was happening!

At the time, I was working for a very nice and good doctor over at Goleta Valley Medical Center…one Dr. Robert Parker. I was pretty much doing all the secretarial stuff (front office, appointments, billing, plus insurance things), but at the same time, he was also very cool about letting me do my homework there when I needed to – many of my big long term papers got typed out on his electric typewriter in the front office while he was over at the hospital doing surgery.

Many carotid endarterectomies, for the record. He was a cardiac surgeon, and it was a trip! He was this really big, gruffy bald guy – huge hands and sort of grunty – looked like he should have been a football coach. But he had five daughters (no sons) that he absolutely adored, and always treated me with total respect. Indeed, all his patients loved him. Despite his big hairy hands, he did very delicate and very fine work. Kinda like Stevie Ray Vaughn – if you know what I mean.

So, anyway – Thanksgiving morning, Tony is literally writhing in pain. I’ve got to get him to the hospital, because honestly, I’m terrified he’s dying. So, I called Dr. Parker in a panic, and he said to go ahead and come on down to the hospital, and he’d meet us there and see what’s going on.

Turned out, Tony had kidney stones – who knew such tiny little things could cause so much pain!!!!! We spent most of the day in the hospital, and finally got home later that afternoon.

Dr. Parker totally helped us out – no charge at all – and made sure we were all okay, and sent us home with all the proper instructions and meds. Much later, we were finally much better and had a wonderful Thanksgiving Day Feast!

I write all this today, because I just got home from a rather similar situation, weirdly enough – The Tall Skinny Hippie is just fine now, but we did have to head down to Goleta Valley Medical Center briefly, and he was well taken care of and is just fine now…

Point being, I went outside early in the morning to get some air after all night in the Emergency Room, and I had to get some money for the cab ride home. As I came back into the building, I saw a plaque commemorating Dr. Parker whom they’ve named the building after. He passed away in 2006, and lived a very long and good life, having helped many, many people.

I am happy that The Hippie is better now, and I am happy that I got to know and work with a certain Dr. Robert Parker back in the day, and I am happy that a little bit of this big mean ole’ world knows what’s good and right.

Now, back to the rest of all the sheise that’s going on…



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